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How to dress nicely in a t shirt

T shirts are great for all occasion and how do you choose what to wear for what occasion and how do you make it look classy without pissing the host off by looking under dressed.

You could use the color or the design to match what you are attending and this is something that you should be aware about when you are planning to attend a party or you are planning to attend a wedding!

When you attend a party, people like fun people and if you are fun and able to bring energy to the crowd, a powerful color will be good, bright red, bright pink, bright yellow, portray how you are the battery of the event and you will be able to move the crowd to make more noise or move around with you. The host will be glad that you are able to lead the crowd and make it a great night for everyone.

If you are going to a formal event, you could also do a t shirt attire but you should also add a suit on top of it to make it look more formal and also make yourself look neater, who said you cant go to a wedding in t shirt!

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How to make an awesome t – shirt


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I believe you are a t – shirt person if you’re reading this and there are many styles and patterns you could choose from or use.

T-shirt has across the years been more accepted as a OK attire for events and its also getting more creative.

We will tell you what to consider when you want to print t-shirts for yourself


You must always look in style and there are many kinds of styles that you could watch out for but it should stand out when you are in it.

If a normal t-shirt is a good bet, then go for it, find one that is best fitting and best makes you stand out and influence those around you

If you planning to design your own, start with sketching and develop it further so that everyone can remember it and it should also stand out with their color or design.

Something weird or never done before or a catchy phrase can be one of the choices too.


The choice of the color can make or break a design, it must be a color that is light on the eyes and well placed together.

Stay away from colors that could discolor easily. If unsure, just keep it easy.

T-Shirts are normally traditional and have front designs at the chest area you could try something more funky and place it elsewhere off centre.

Any available space is creative space, make it stand out !

Having good quality materials is key. Are you going to wear it in hot summer weather? You wont want something too thick in that case. But you will also want something that is comfortable to the skin

Poor quality could save you cost but will lose you customers.

20 reasons why i like t shirts


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I Like t-shirts because I get to wear it in any color and not look any much under or over dressed

I Like t-shirts because where i live, the weather is crazy, i like it cooling

I Like t-shirts because my girlfriend can turn it into a nice sexy dress

I Like t-shirts because it makes me feel carefree

I Like t-shirts because it looks cool

I Like t-shirts because it makes me look cool

I Like t-shirts because i can have any kinds of prints on it

I Like t-shirts because it can be plain white and not look stupid

I Like t-shirts because i can design it anyway i want

I Like t-shirts because i can draw on it and say its art

I Like t-shirts because i can fold it anywhere and look cool

I Like t-shirts because it is not too tight and not too loose

I Like t-shirts because it is smart yet casual

I Like t-shirts because it can be a v neck or a crew neck

I Like t-shirts because it is popular in any culture

I Like t-shirts because it tells people who i am

I Like t-shirts because i can have words of wisdom and look wise in it

I Like t-shirts because everyone wears it!

I Like t-shirts because i just love it!

What is silk screening printing


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We have been hearing about a couple of types of printing but do you really know a lot about the different types of printing methods?

We can take a few days to discuss all this methods and find out more about you favorite form of printing and help to guide you with your choices.

Screen printing is actually a printing method that uses woven mesh to support the stencil so as to achieve the require image. The stencils that are attached will create this area of mesh that will move the ink or other printable materials which can be presses through. A fill blade is moved across the stencil , pumping ink through to wet the substrate. The material on the other end can be a poster, wood, poster or t shirts.

Screen printing is also know as silk screen printing, serigraphy printing or serigraphy. One color is printed at a time and so several screens can be used to create multi color images

Screen printing goes back to its earliest form in China during the Song Dynasty which was adapted by other Asian countries like japan which expanded the methods, Screen printing was introducted to western europe from asis in the late 18th Century. The method only gain popularity when silk meshes are available for trade and then it became a business of profitability.

Some of the materials used for silk screen printing are as follows:

Caviar beads , which is a glue that is printed in the shape of the design you want and when this beads are applied, it works well with solid block areas.

Cracking ink, which creates an intentional cracked surface after drying happens

Flocking is done with glue printed on fabric and then the material applied for a velvet touch

Gloss is when  clear base is  laid over previously painted ink

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